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The fascinating Sicilian Moor's Heads represent a treasure of art and culture that dates back centuries. These unique works of art have also caught the attention of the renowned fashion brand Dolce & Gabbana, inspiring their collections. Let's discover together the history of these ceramic heads and their connection with the world of fashion.

The Legend and the Tradition:

Walking through the Sicilian streets it is possible to be enchanted by the majestic Moor's Heads which for centuries have enriched and colored the balconies of this magnificent land. Daughters of a thousand-year-old tradition, these prestigious works of art with refined craftsmanship are not born from a deliberate artistic imagination, they all find a common origin in an ancient legend: the protagonists of this heartbreaking story are a young Moor and a beautiful girl Sicilian

Sicilian Moor's Heads are deeply rooted in the culture and history of Sicily. According to legend, these heads are inspired by a heartbreaking love story between a young Moor and a beautiful Sicilian girl. This story inspired the creation of head-shaped vases, which today decorate Sicilian balconies and homes.

The City of Caltagirone:

The city of Caltagirone is renowned for the production of very high quality ceramics, including the famous Teste di Moro. Thanks to its rich past of cultural influences and dominations, the city has developed a prestigious ceramic art. Today, the Moor's Heads of Caltagirone are considered true works of art and symbols of Sicilian tradition.

This production, which over the centuries has become the pride of the city, also due to its rich past of Greek, Byzantine, Arab, Genoese and Norman domination, has led (particularly during the Greek and Arab presence) to the development of the precious art of ceramists Sicilians. Subsequently, the world of fashion (an example of which is the Dolce & Gabbana collection) also captured the artistic essence of these unique creations of their kind and closely connected to the territory, in a mix of arts, styles and atmospheres and in a celebratory homage to an ancient Sicilian spirit, full of a peculiar and impregnable beauty.

The Encounter with Fashion:

The beauty and uniqueness of Teste di Moro have caught the attention of Dolce & Gabbana, the famous Italian fashion brand. In their collections, Dolce & Gabbana have reinterpreted these thousand-year-old works, celebrating Sicilian culture and its artistic heritage, thus becoming a symbol of style and a tribute to the rich history of this land.

The fascinating Sicilian Moor's Heads represent a perfect combination of art, tradition and fashion. These thousand-year-old works of art inspired Dolce & Gabbana and continue to enchant the world with their timeless beauty. Discovering and appreciating the history of these ceramic heads means immersing yourself in an ancient culture and appreciating the artistic excellence of Caltagirone and Sicily.

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