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A Journey into the History and Innovation of “SOFIA” Ceramics

The First Steps and the Artisan Commitment

In 2002, two young artisans from Caltagirone, Giuseppe and Nicola, decided to make a change in their professional life. They left their jobs in the ceramic factory and the cigarette factory to start their own business. Their goal was clear: to create ceramics that reflected the history and soul of Sicily, a place where art is omnipresent.

Growth and National Recognition

Initially, their workshop was a simple garage, then they moved to a rented warehouse. In this context, imbued with the spirit of sacrifice of southern Sicily, they began to produce caskets, tureens and cherubs in Baroque style. All these articles were decorated by hand with skill and dedication, examples of pure passion and genius "made in Sicily". As the years passed, the company grew and the “SOFIA” brand became synonymous with excellence nationwide. From the Milan fair, "SOFIA" expanded internationally, conquering markets in Italy, USA, Russia and Arab countries.

Innovation in the Art of Ceramics

The significant turning point occurred in the 2000s with the integration between art and design. This innovative fusion has made it possible to embellish prestigious homes all over the world, positioning "SOFIA" products as distinctive elements of the extensive catalogue. The products, ranging from lamps to vases, from lamps to columns, while maintaining the traditional decoration, have been reinterpreted with a more modern and refined style.

Tradition and Modernity: The Philosophy of "SOFIA"

Today, the company is led both by the founders and by a new generation, which looks to the future with enthusiasm and new challenges, while maintaining its roots in tradition. The combination of innovation and respect for artisanal values ​​makes each piece unique, telling the story of a land rich in culture and a skill that is passed down from generation to generation.

The Art of Sicilian Ceramics in the Contemporary

The commitment of "SOFIA" is to continue to enhance the art of Sicilian ceramics, combining traditional techniques with modern interpretations. Choosing a “SOFIA” piece is not just a design purchase, but means becoming custodians of a fragment of Sicilian history, art and culture, which lives through the beauty of the shapes and the intensity of the colors.

Discover the “SOFIA” collection and bring a unique piece of Sicily into your home.

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