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Ceramiche di Caltagirone Sofia

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Ceramiche di Caltagirone Sofia

The Harmony of Traditional Caltagirone Colours

Classic Line

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A perfect fusion of contemporary style and classic charm.

Modern Line

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ceramiche di caltagirone

Ceramiche di Caltagirone Sofia

Our majolica tiles are made entirely by hand according to a manufacturing process consisting of multiple stages, each of which is essential to create a product with a unique and inimitable design. The originality and style of our works make the Sofia brand a guarantee of quality and excellence.

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Vases in Pigna

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How are Ceramic Pinecones made?

Ceramic pine cones represent one of the most fascinating expressions of Sicilian craftsmanship, combining history, art and culture.

Discover how our Caltagirone ceramic pine cones are made.

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Decorative Lines

Explore traditional Sicilian and modern art with our decorative lines. Our ceramic lines are handmade by the skilled craftsmen of Sofia Ceramiche and each piece is a unique work of art.

Decoro Sicily

Decoro Sicily

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Our Exhibitions

A showcase of our commitment to bringing the art of Caltagirone ceramics to the national stage. We participate annually in prestigious events such as the Homi fairs in Milan and Vebo in Naples, where we present our most exclusive creations and innovations in the field of handmade ceramics.

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Aldo A.

I would particularly like to emphasise, in addition to the professionalism, the kindness and promptness in communicating.Finally, the visit to the workshop was interesting.This handicraft company, in the centre of Sicily, works well and is well worth a visit. It is a pity that the roads to get there, littered with piles of rubbish, are not up to the quality of its craftsmen.

Kawo Böhler

Beautifully sculpted figures and objects with splendid colours and fine details. I ordered the 40 cm female Moorhead in orange-green with pomegranate.Very friendly and fast contact by e-mail. All my questions were answered excellently and everything was explained.The packaging was so beautiful and safe that nothing happened on the way to Germany.Every day we are happy and smile when we look at the Moorhead.

Barbara T.

Good morning, I am Barbara from Apulia and a few days ago I bought a splendid lamp online that I believe is a jewel of Sicilian craftsmanship and in particular of the Sofia company of Caltagirone. My special thanks go to Mrs. Concetta and her staff who with great helpfulness, professionalism and kindness followed me exceptionally well. Merit to the excellence of our made in Italy and especially to our South. Thanks again

Giuseppina B.

A few days ago I bought a lamp... I think that beauty has taken shape and become 'light'.I love ceramics but I think that this one from Caltagirone Sofia sincerely expresses the endless tradition. Congratulations and thank you because I have at home a piece of history of my beloved Sicily, transmitted to the new generations with elegance and respect. Giusy

Simona M.

A great ceramic workshop that churns out nothing but wonders. Beautiful decorations, beautiful forges. I have had the opportunity to buy from them several times, from holy water stoups as favours for a baptism to various gifts and a few pieces for myself. Impossible not to buy their workmanship.

Debora G.

Handicraft ceramics workshop. Beautiful and colourful creations, from plates to lamps, ornaments to nativity scenes and Christmas trees. All handmade, carefully crafted and detailed. Recommended for shopping and gifts.


We are here to provide you with the support you need to ensure a pleasant and satisfying experience with our handmade ceramics from Caltagirone.

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